Zita Van Zanten has a passion for tango.

Zest for Tango is a combination of passion for Argentine Tango, for realizing your body and mind’s ability and of finding connection through movement, music and a shared dream.

Zita has danced her whole life. She has danced ballet, modern dance, belly dancing, Hungarian folklore and flamenco and found her passion and love for Tango in 2012.

In 2019 Zita spent 3 months in Buenos Aires training and dancing every day and has trained with a variety of teachers to get the best exercises together for the best result for Zest for Tango. She has then worked intensely with local Melbourne Barre and Fitness instructor Gabriella Tudorin to finalize the various routines to make sure they are appropriate for all levels and are specific for tango.

Zita prepares your body for tango. Classes are designed to focus on strengthening your body for tango, for keeping balance and core activation and improve flexibility and lengthening. Zita will focus on back, arms, core, legs and feet exercises. Zita will incorporate tango dance and musicality. No partner necessary.

The classes are fun, musical and adjusted to all levels and abilities.

Zita’s class on Saturday 14 March 10:30 at Nilma North will cover body conditioning tango posture, walking, ochos, musicality and connection. You don’t need a partner, all levels and abilities.

$20.00 ‘Special’

Nilma North Hall
488 Bloomfield Road,
Nilma North, VIC 3821