Sunday 17 January 2021 is a day for you to experience a unique opportunity in having, Kristina Diaz, a traditional Argentine Tango Instructor & Performer come to us to inspire and teach new skills and fine tune your current ones.

A Sunday Immersion, at Nilma North on Sunday 17 January 2021 starting at 10:30 AM, plus a Private hour session for a lucky winner.

Session 1: Fundamentals
Session 2: Giros
Session 3: Floor craft & musicality
Session 4: Connect all of the above

Vibrant, passionate and professional, Kristina is a well-known talent and pioneer of the Tango movement in Australia. She is a dancer, teacher, director and choreographer of Tango.

For over two decades, she has been sharing her passion for tango with students of all ages and all levels.Kristina is (to the best of my knowledge) Australia’s only Argentinian-born female Tango dancer and qualified instructor. Kristina has a special talent for creating a fun and inspiring learning atmosphere. Her professional career has developed and matured with intensity and dedication earning her a well-founded reputation as a specialist in the Tango dance and education arena.

Kristina’s teaching skills, her technical mastery and capacity to read the subtle nuances and body movements of the dance is her forte. Kristina’s Immersion days provide stimuli and challenges that are both innovative and creative without losing the traditional essence of Tango.

Her accreditations and highlights in her career are vast and gratifying ranging from international workshops, Tours and performances to Choreography in Theatre, Television and Film.

  • She has more than 20 years of entertainment industry experience.
  • Credits also include Events management, Master of Ceremonies and Artistic Direction. Kristina has an impressive record of achievements within the special events, entertainment and cultural festivals arena.

Please make a huge effort to attend – Lunch provided

Suitable for beginners, improvers and everyone else.

Text, phone or email me PLEASE your intention to attend.

Nilma North Hall
488 Bloomfield Road,
Nilma North, VIC 3821