Two hour Workshop with José & Reanna from the Melbourne Tango Orchestra (MTO), covering Musicality for dancers, understanding the layers in a song. Identifying and interpreting different kinds of melodies and accompaniment and instruments. The second half: Milonga, understanding the music. Then basic ‘liso‘ and ‘Traspie‘, different sequences for interpreting it and then Practica for one hour.

José grew up in Argentina listening to his parents’ tango records. His earliest memory of tango is his grandfather singing tango while shaving. José began dancing tango after moving to Bariloche, northern Patagonia, and it changed his life.

Reanna thought tango was danced with a rose between your teeth until she travelled to Argentina, fell in love with tango in her first class, and met José in her second.

There, their shared tango journey began, and it has led them to travel around Argentina to attend tango gatherings; perform exhibitions at venues including lake side stages and five-star hotels in Patagonia, parties and celebrations in Brisbane, and café sidewalks in Melbourne.

$30 Entry Fee

Yarragon Hall
7 Campbell Street, Yarragon VIC 3823