The Dance of Love has come to Warragul District

The dance of love has come to Warragul & District area. The inaugural tango class saw thirteen students meeting with tango instructor Señor Carlos Argentina at the VRI Hall in Warragul on Wednesday 16 January.

Señor Argentina’s lifelong passion, indeed ‘love affair’ with tango has seen him establish a Not for Profit tango a class in Traralgon (2017) and now in Warragul.

The hot weather (very hot weather) did not deter the thirteen brave souls who took to the floor with Carlos patiently explaining the basics of tango with the aid of some great tango music.

Carlos explained that three or four times a year he invites Argentinian professional teachers to conduct workshops. “Workshops in the past have catapulted some of my students to become very good tango dancers” he said.

Señor Argentina also stated that “tango is a walking dance in the arms of another (If you can walk you CAN tango).”

“Tango induces a meditative state, it is like meditation in motion” he said. “everyone has ‘things’ in their life today, tango gives you a total switch off”, “tango is cheaper than therapy LoL”.

Carlos explained his classes cost six dollars for two hours, pay as you go. You can come at ANY time during the year, there are no contracts and you don’t need to bring a partner.

For more information about the classes visit or our Facebook page Tango Gippsland or phone/text Carlos 0419 098 083.