Some reasons why tango is good for everyone

  • Dancing tango makes you feel good
  • Tango offers physical activity, mental activity and social engagement
  • Tango is danced at a walking pace, to the rhythm of a heartbeat, in the arms of another person. It feels good
  • Tango is danced to beautiful music, and music is known to facilitate the performance of ambulatory activities
  • Tango is good cardio-vascular exercise, and strengthens heart muscles and blood vessels that supply the brain
  • Research shows dancing tango reduces depression, stress and anxiety, and has been shown to be an effective strategy in alleviating mood disorders
  • Tango challenges the brain with decisions to make and problems to solve on the dance floor
  • Social tango is improvised and creative
  • Creating new dance moves and combinations is a cognitively rich physical activity
  • Dancing tango improves problem solving skills
  • Dancing stimulates the sensory and motor cortices and maintains the brain’s balance system
  • Tango improves balance and walking technique, and can play a role in reducing the incidence of falls
  • Tango improves spatial awareness and memory
  • Tango improves core strength
  • Social tango is play for grown-ups.
  • Slow tango is nice
  • Tango is always different
  • Dancing tango induces a mindful & meditative state
  • Pauses and stops are part of tango – you move when you are ready, so it is suitable exercise for older people, and people with Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological disorders, and hearing and sight impairment
  • Tango training is helpful in rehabilitation programs, and in maintaining mobility
  • Dancing tango is fun; it puts you back in touch with life
  • Tango is a social activity and connects people and fosters a sense of community
  • Fun and laughter should be part of every tango class
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