Fancy Tango Workshop with Tomas & Marta – 18 December 2018

Adjectives like: sensational, excellent, superb, wonderful fall short in describing the workshop conducted by Tomas and Marta from Showy Dance on 18 December at Traralgon.

You can joke about country folk and joke about the distance (a lazy 2.5 hrs from Melbourne) but how many workshops have 30+ on a regular basis like we do?

Our studio at the VRI has A/C, kitchen, huge parking, and could accommodate over 100 dancers in comfort.

City folk how about visiting us sometime in 2019? To the 30+ at yesterday’s workshop: Congratulations.

The group

To Tomas and Marta: thank you and sincere congratulations on your teachings, we will have you back early in 2019 …. Thank you

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  1. Ricardo
    Ricardo says:

    Hi mate, as a long time observer of your tango activities in Australia I must congratulate you for the pro active work you are doing for tango, in particular for tango in a regional area. As a not for profit entity I also congratulate you for being able to run the show on the smell of an oily rag. Yes, I know you have told me how several in your group are very generous in time and or kind but the bottom line is that you wear the shortfalls.
    The workshop by Tomas and Marta from Showy Dance ( I am told) was a spectacular success, it seems the energy in the studio was strong enough to lift a rocket to Mars. Keep up the good work mate and I hope some Melbourne dancers consider attending a class in Gippsland.
    See you at the end of next year.
    Merry Christmas, God Bless from Tahiti


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