Argentinian Tango Basics

Argentine tango is an improvisational dance based on the four building blocks of:

  1. Walking
  2. Turning
  3. Stopping and
  4. Embellishments

The dance is like a jigsaw that gets put together differently each time.

Dancers (Tangueros and Tangueras) bring their own styles and embellishments to the dance which contribute significantly to the excitement and unpredictability of the experience.

Certain conventions are followed,however they never quite know how someone will construct a dance, add an embellishment or interpret the music.

The surprises possible within the dance are what make the dance so addicting.

It really does take two to tango, because the dance isn’t just about the man leading and the woman following.

Both partners have important things to contribute—like all good conversations.

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  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    You can’t think about anything else while you are dancing the tango. If you try to have a conversation, it just kind of falls apart.

  2. Brian
    Brian says:

    Carlos has taught me that Tango has an element of call-and-response. ​
    It is about being in the moment, with the music. Responding to your partner and the particular feeling and momentum in her body in any one moment. I am now in NSW and have yet to find someone who teaches as well as Carlos.
    PS A GREAT website, consider giving the creator of the site some more prominence.

  3. Coralie Pandey
    Coralie Pandey says:

    Tango is my all time favourite dance. Carlos has done an amazing job starting tango gippsland and keeping it going


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